Advanced Ceramic Coating

In 2001, dandan independently developed Y2O3 Coating technology, and applied to semiconductor facilities for the first time in Korea. And now dandan is leading the coating technology through innovative R&D.

from Super Coating which is upgraded version of APS Coating, to SPS Coating which realize high density thick Film and MTS Coating which can do high speed large area coating compared to usual Aerosol Coating, dandan has technologies that can satisfy customers’ needs.

■ SPS Coating

SPS Coating, developed from Thermal Barrier Coating Technology, is a key to solve the issues on Splat structure of APS Coating.

• Coating of Thick Film more than 300µm • Extra high density homogeneous structure as small as sub-micron • Materials : Y2O3 , YAG, Al2O3 , ZrO2 etc.

■ NTS Coating

NTS Coating is developed to realize nano structure coating layer of various materials. It is next generation coating technology for mass production.

• Ceramic&Metal Coating • High Speed & Large area Coating (Rf Window) • Coating layer making, Stoichiometry control • Applied to Various board (Ceramic, Metal, Plastic)